SOULSKINNER was first formed under the name of TERRA TENEBRAE in 1997.The first Line-up included Bill (ex Vanity, Rotting Christ) on the guitars, Makis (Necromantia) on the bass and Costas "Dead" (Obsecration) on the vocals.With this Line-up the band recorded the very first demo "Masks Of Deathly Joy", which included 3 tracks.

After this recording, Gothmog (ex Thou Art Lord) replaced Costas and in 1999 the band releasedthe album "Subconscious"through the Greek label Black Lotus Records.One year later the band changed its name to SOULSKINNER, taking into consideration that the new name would better fit their lyrical and musical direction.

In 2003 SOULSKINNER signed a deal with Sleaszy Rider Records and released "Breeding The Grotesque", which received fantastic reviews and made the fans expect even more from the band!In urgent need of new members,especially a drummer,the band was delayed in releasing their third album as the right guy did not show up really early. The new album is almost ready and the results will satisfy the fans for sure!The new band members, Alex (In Utero Cannibalism) and Vangelis give a new and refreshing air to the band.

The third album by SOULSKINNER is called "Non Stop Killing" and released on 2007.BRUTAL ,OLDSCHOOL and SICK are the words to describe it. A step beyond in all terms for SOULSKINNER who are proud for it .
After a period of alcohol, writing new stuff and walking on the line between past and future, SOULSKINNER decided to follow their own path through the underground and released the 7’’ split ep with Vorkreist. “In Attrition of a World Collapse” is their last recording ‘till the next time.

After a seven years hiatus,we have returned and signed a deal with Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming 3rd album which is already recorded and will be entitled "Crypts of Ancient Wisdom".Cover artwork for "Crypts of Ancient Wisdom" is being painted by the famous artist Mark Riddick and will for sure capture the true essence of the new SOULSKINNER material.